Key points on energy, information and consciousness medicine

  • Energy medicine uses energy fields and vibrations of various kinds for diagnosis and therapy. These can be electromagnetic fields, but also others like scalar fields or those of high spirit levels.
  • The effect takes place on the so-called “subtle level”, which is about vibration patterns and their interaction.
  • Vibrations are carriers of information. It uses the information contained in the vibration patterns, both for diagnosis and therapy.
  • Every frequency has a specific effect, and everything that exists in matter has its specific vibrational pattern, including the “individual parts” of the “system organism”.
  • The entire coupling of these “individual parts” – their exchange of information or their communication with each other – takes place via vibrations and frequencies.
  • Living beings do not stop at the body borders, but are complex energy fields.
  • Man, too, is an energy system. Illness arises amongst other things due to disturbances of the control of the body’s own energy. Energetic methods capture this level of control.
  • There is a hierarchy of levels of control, and you can intervene therapeutically at various levels to restore the healthy order.
  • Energy medicine usually intervenes directly in the regulatory circuit complexes of the organism and so can come much closer to the cause level than chemical interventions.
  • It cannot only reveal disturbing fields and misinformation, but also compensate them. “In energetic therapy, a field correction for the reorganization of physiological processes takes place.” (Dr. Marcus Stanton)
  • Healing can be achieved by providing the body with the “healthy” frequency and thus stimulating healthy self-oscillating behavior (self-regulation). Disturbing fields can be eliminated via negative interference.
  • “Every part of the body – no matter how small – is immersed in a constant stream of vibrational information that it also co-produces.” (Dr. James Oschman “Energy Medicine – Concepts and their Scientific Basis”, Munich 2006.) Health is born through the unhindered exchange of information between all these parts.
  • The use of self-healing powers of the organism presupposes the unhindered exchange of information. Energetic methods can detect and eliminate blockages in the energy flow of the complex body system.
  • This releases the body’s ability to regenerate again (self-regulation). Energetic regulation creates crucial healing conditions.
  • The cause of a symptom may be in a very different place than where the symptom appears. Any specialized or reductionist view runs the risk of overlooking these connections. Energy medicine approaches in principle think holistic and consider the entire “system organism”.
  • For thousands of years, the Asian medical systems and those of other ancient cultures have been based on the knowledge of the energetic relationships that we are only now beginning to discover (for example, acupuncture).
  • There is an energetic correspondence for all matter-elements. This is natural for the physicists’ field thinking and has nothing “esoteric” in itself.
  • There are only fields – condensed into matter or not condensed to matter. They can have different density levels (comparable to humidity and cloud formation, liquid water and ice) and therefore cannot all be detected by the same means.
  • The methods of energy medicine combine ancient healing knowledge with the latest high-tech electronics for diagnosis and therapy via vibrations and fields.
  • Illness in energetic medicine is generally understood as the consequence of disturbed information patterns, and this disorder is due to the fact that parts of the cross-system flow of information are cut off. Here consciousness plays a crucial role.
  • Materially manifest symptoms are preceded by disturbances on the level of vibration. One can test these before the symptoms appear. Field imbalances can be detected much earlier than chemical lab tests (molecular level) or imaging techniques. Field imbalances can be detected much earlier than “diseases” through chemical laboratory tests (molecular level) or imaging techniques.
  • This makes real prophylaxis possible! By diagnosing vibration patterns in energy medicine, the prophylactic gap should be closed.
  • Existing diseases can be influenced and thus relieved and shortened by the informative effect of vibrations supplied from the outside.
  • This is possible with relatively simple and inexpensive devices.
  • Energy medical methods are non-invasive.
  • Often it is largely possible to dispense with medication, so that drastic interventions in body chemistry and the associated side effects usually fail to appear.
  • Energetic and informational medicine are to be regarded as important additions to conventional medicine.
  • The effects achieved are not speculative or can only be explained by the argument of the placebo effect, but are based on physical facts and can therefore be explained scientifically.
  • Following quantum physics there is an uninterrupted exchange of information of everything with everything.
  • All information is always available in the all-encompassing field. Therefore, not only remote diagnostics are possible, but also remote treatments.
  • The experiments on the influence of fields on organisms can explain phenomena that are incomprehensible to conventional medicine.
  • The possibilities of energy and information medicine intervene at more elementary levels than molecular-based procedures. They should therefore belong to the basic therapy.

As long as there are blockages on the energetic level, no complete healing can take place on the physical. Energy medicine has a different focus than the orthodox doctrine. It aims at the solution of the blockages and relies on self-correction and self-regulation of the body: there are not only “organ analyzes”, but also “system analyzes”. Therefore, biophysical measurement methods are useful in addition to the chemical-pharmacological.

Oschman says: “The scientific basis of vibrational medicine is quite simple: in disease and disorders, the electromagnetic properties of molecules, cells, tissues and organs change. In addition to the control systems that are familiar to and studied by physiologists, humans still have an electromagnetic network. Old methods such as acupuncture know, understand and use these systems to treat people. Now, modern research is about to decipher biophysical mechanisms and electronic-magnetic ‘language codes’. ”

Physics has been field physics since the 19th century. The physicists did not arrive at atoms, a last indivisible thing, in the attempt to prove atomic theory, but, Lipton says, “the quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms consist of energy vortexes that constantly spin and oscillate. Each atom resembles a tumbling rotary that radiates energy, and because every atom has its own specific energy pattern, its ‘vibration’ so to speak, even combinations of atoms (molecules) have their own, identifiable energy pattern. Thus, every material structure in the universe, including you and me, leaves its own unique energy signature.” (Dr. Bruce Lipton “Biology ob Beliefs”) This is precisely the signature that energetics work with. It is measured and compared with the “healthy” pattern. In the meantime there are many subtle-working devices that can measure these signatures.