Real prophylaxis

Acute and intensive care are on a very high level and can save lives even in hardest cases. However, our “health care system” as a whole has forgotten what real healing art is and there is virtually no real prevention or prophylaxis included. The current medical diagnosis and therapy are based exclusively on disease. There is hardly any such thing as “health research”. But according to Dr. Ralf Oettmeier 70% of the disease already happens before symptoms appear and a Patient goes to see a physician!

Much more could be done for healing and, above all, for maintaining health than hitherto has been the case. By definition, prophylaxis is not task of physicians and health insurances. A doctor is allowed to do only what is “absolutely necessary” for the patient to be able to participate in social life – in other words: to work. And the health insurance companies are only allowed to pay for this task.

The results that are obtained by an energetical analysis are information of the subtle level of our existence and do not mean that they have to be physically manifested! That’s their big advantage for prophylaxis.

Being able to test at the
regulatory level
is the key to any prophylaxis,
and that’s exactly what energy medicine does.

Most treatment decisions at present are made on the basis of statistical data. In the current treatment framework there are hardly any possibilities to determine whether any treatment that applies to a majority also applies in the individual case. The already well-known kinesiology for example, which works on the energetic level, was able to do this for a long time, but is still completely ignored in the official teachings.
Also other energetic diagnosis and therapy methods can achieve this and are always directly related to the individual. Which methods are the most suitable for the diagnosis can be determined in a very short time, and also, which one in the individual case is most likely to restore the order of health.