Our aims

We want to introduce the energetic dimension into medical thinking and raise awareness for the new possibilities. The specific frequency patterns of each body part contain information that can be used for diagnosis, and it is time to make that great potential available to all people.

This includes

  • to initiate a constructive dialogue between conventional medicine and the holistically complementary medicine, especially the frequency- and consciousness-based methods (method-pluralism)
  • to take a pioneering role in disseminating the new findings related to quantum physics and their relevance to our picture of how things work, including our bodies
  • Expanding the teaching of what should be considered to be academic medicine including the new insights of physics
  • Recognition of the energetic methods as a “special therapy direction” and their inclusion in the Hufeland directory
  • Inclusion of the energetic dimension in diagnosis and therapy as standard: No blocking but regulation
  • Energy medicine check as basic diagnosis (system diagnostics)
  • Use of frequency-based healing impulses
  • Changing from disease orientation towards health orientation and true healing with the highest possible degree of quality of life
  • Establishment of true prophylaxis at low cost
  • An individualized medicine with respect and mindfulness that puts the focus back on people including personal circumstances
  • Consideration of mental background (stress, traumata, conflicts, etc.) in diagnosis as well as integration of consciousness in therapy
  • Promoting a medicine in which every patient actively takes responsibility for himself and his health
  • Right of self-determination regarding a free choice of therapy
  • Introduction of a new kind of health insurance company, which deserves the name “health insurance”, because it promotes prophylaxis and pays for preventive screening diagnostics
  • Reduction of sick days (including corporate health care)
  • Pointing out the need for action to politics
  • Elaboration of a draft of conditions for the recognition of energetic methods and a strategy for implementation of the new approaches
  • Establishment of networks that take interest in the various aspects of establishing energetic regulatory and consciousness medicine
  • Europe-wide cooperation and Elaboration of therapeutic standards