"The people who are crazy enough to think
they could change the world usually do."

- Steve Jobs

We are experts in the field of energy, vibrational and information medicine, who are aware of their responsibility for the treatment of physical and mental illnesses and who want to expand the scope of the officially recognized possibilities for diagnosis and healing in medicine.

So far, the long-standing research results of modern physics, epi-genetics and consciousness research are hardly noticed. We advocate an integrative medicine that uses the available possibilities and makes them accessible to all people.

We want to appeal to all those who care about health and healing. The aim is “a medical practice that emphasizes the importance of the relationship between the practitioner and the patient, which is focused on the whole person, taking evidence into account and incorporating all appropriate therapeutic approaches, health professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing.”¹

It’s about one
Extension of the range of approaches to humans in medicine.
Many already speak of
Paradigm shift,
which has been going on for a long time.

And it is about re-thinking the moral responsibility for people, not just those who are already ill, but for everyone, even before the symptoms of illness appear.

Our main intention is to initiate a
sustainable, humane
prophylactic resp. preventive health care system
that meets the basic needs of people.

This requires a
method pluralism
that uses all possibilities
that have been proven successful in many cases.

Last but not least, there is also a significant cost reduction, that can be achieved by the energetic options for prevention. According to conservative estimation, the economic benefit of preventive measures in the medium to long term amounts to at least 2.1 euro per invested euro. (CO.med 6/16) Other studies even refer to a return to investment of 4 euros!

This is a wake-up call to those who are aware of their responsibilities as physicians and therapists.
What is required is an “individually appropriate approach. (…) For this we need freedom of design, so that individual decisions can be made in the future by physician and patient. Important premises for this are the preservation of freelance work as well as socio-economic framework conditions that allow self-responsible action, (…) freedom from administrative foreign determination and economic constraints. We need the further development of a healthcare system with a human face. “(Prof. Dr. Peter F. Matthiessen, GLS Bank Spiegel 2/12)

We want to raise awareness for the new ways of approaching the “body system”, to engage with the energetic point of view, and to initiate initiatives to further explore them.

With the call, we want to set an impulse that allows the integration of old and new knowledge, and contribute to extend the understanding of health as well as to show concrete prophylactic options.

Basis for this are the
quantum physics findings
on matter and consciousness.

Let us use the existing possibilities!

Agree Now

Energetic and matter are two sides of the same coin. There is no real difference from the point of view of physics except the Dimension from which we look at what we see and examine. The further we penetrate into the inner nature of matter, the more it dissolves itself as solid. What’s left are energy vortexes. And it is at this Level where energetic medicine works: at the base!

Quantum physics is consciousness physics

For over 100 years modern physics has been a science of fields. The scientific basis of the energetic corresponds also to the findings of quantum physics regarding  matter and consciousness.
In quantum physics mind and matter are not opposites but only different manifestations of reality. The research results that have been available for several decades demonstrate the necessity of a revision of the currently applicable framework for action in the field of healing. It is about the methodological possibilities, which are scientifically demonstrated by the recent findings of quantum physics.
If we continue to focus only on what classical double-blind studies can prove, we exclude  tremendous opportunities.

According to jurisdiction, any assessment of examination and therapy procedures has always to be based on the current state of knowledge. That’s not the case at present.

We put emphasis on talking about “complementary medicine” instead of “alternative medicine”. It is not about an either-or, but about the best of both worlds, which is a holistic, integrative treatment.
Energy medicine should be used in addition to conventional medical options, not instead of them.

Ervin Laszlo is al leader among those, who are committed to a fundamental paradigm shift. In his book “Holos – The World of the New Sciences”, the central points are included. It is time to take the upcoming changes seriously and to take concrete action.

The basis is a new understanding of the science of what reality is, and how the interaction works of what exists in that reality. Therefore, the basic knowledge of the new quantum physics findings is summarized in this call (see “The New Physics”). For almost a century now, they have been the basis of today’s accepted physical worldview, but its revolutionary significance is still unknown to many scientists.

Laszlo – and with him many others – demand a rethinking because science has discovered a “new paradigm” that requires a reorientation. If the functional mechanisms of reality are recognized, these findings should also be reflected in our actions.

Key point is the realization that “matter as a fundamental characteristic of reality disappears and gives way to energy“. “Continuous fields replace discrete particles as the fundamentals of an energy-immersed universe,” and decisive is that it also contains the mind as an essential element. “Life and mind are elements in a coherent whole, so that humans are not isolated individuals, but elements in the network of life in the biosphere.” (Laszlo, Holos)
Quantum physics shows us a more comprehensive reality than the one we are used to. It makes explainable a lot, which we could not understand so far.

There is the energetic-informative level that works differently from the molecule-mediated information. It uses the “software”, not the “hardware” level. It is able to act upon the electrical regulatory circuits of the organism and on the Controlling biophoton field of the body.

Energetic medicine means diagnosis and treatments at the level of the
organism’s superordinate control system
that works through electromagnetic fields.

Energetic diagnostic methods can detect the early stages of a disease via vibrational changes before any imaging or chemical analysis-based procedures are able to find anything. And:

Energetic regulation creates the conditions for healing,
no matter where in the system,
because it eliminates blockages,
and thus the body’s own healing powers can work!

With this call we want to initiate a dialogue between the so-called conventional medicine and the complementary methods and take on a pioneering role to integrate these new healing possibilities, which use the new energetic and consciousness-oriented view in the medical service.

Key components are not only medical areas, but also the political authorities. This call, which was initiated by Dr. Ursula Hübenthal, is intended to be forwarded to those who bear responsibility for healing and health and make decisions in health policy.
We, the signers, want to help bridging the gap between the old and the new. It should result in the creation of networks that integrate and disseminate the new knowledge.

At least since the beginning of the last century, physics has been a physics of fields. By proving the atomic theory physicists didn’t find atoms, a last indivisible, but energy fields. Atoms are not the smallest solid building bricks, but activity or vibration patterns in fields.

The image, which is created here,
makes all living beings appear as not ending with their body’s borders,
but as complex energy fields.

They have wave-like properties, which means that they not only communicate with the help of these waves within their body, but can also be diagnosed with specific vibrations and treated from the outside.
Thinking in fields is so significant in relation to molecule-molecule interactions because fields can overlap! They can form interferences and interact directly with each other also over spatial distance of their place of origin, both in the direction of mutual disturbing influences and in the direction of harmonization.


¹ Published in the 2009 definition of the United States „Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine”, formed in the 1990s, which is home to the medical schools of almost all prestigious universities in the United States; zit. n. Prof. dr. med. Peter F. Matthiessen in GLS Bank Mirror 2/12