Quantum Physical Basics of the New Understanding of Reality

The current Standard Model of Cosmology, which is generally accepted in physics, specifies the  composition of the universe in terms of mass fraction as follows: about 73 percent dark energy, 23 percent dark matter and only about 4 percent “ordinary matter”, ie what we call “solid matter”. What does that mean for our health? What does today’s medicine take into account when it examines our body?

The old scientific worldview postulates that nothing exists that is not measurable, but meanwhile we know that less than 4 percent of what makes up the universe consists of (currently) measurable entities.

Atoms are not just building bricks, but activity or vibration patterns within fields. “The matter itself is an energetic process.” (Sheldrake in “Der Wissenschaftswahn” (“The Science Delusion”)) The image, which is unfolded here, lets appear all living beings not ending with the body’s borders, but as complex energy fields. Fields are characterized as overlapping and influencing each other and exchanging information.

In medicine, the mechanistic world view of the 19th century still dominates. Body processes are primarily understood to be based on chemical processes, that is to say molecule-molecule interactions. However, it is common knowledge that it is primarily the interaction of electromagnetic fields that control the body system. The information transfer by chemical means would be much too slow for most body processes.

Energy medicine has direct effects on the electromagnetic regulatory circuit complexes of the organism as well as on the controlling body biophoton field and is thus able to detect and positively influence the early stages of a disease.
Not just every organ, but everything down to the atom has its specific vibrational pattern and thus a field that constantly communicates with the other structures.

The result is a highly complex energy field
in which everything interacts with everything.

Quantum physics has revolutionized our world view! Not only it is scientifically proven that ultimately there is no solid matter, but also that consciousness can affect matter. “Information and subjective consciousness govern matter. That was one of the most momentous insights that emerged from the research of new physics. And if we apply these findings to the natural sciences in general, we can say that we definitely make a mistake by banishing the pair of information and consciousness on one hand and spirituality and spirit on the other, both belonging together, as supposedly unscientific.” (Dr. Ulrich Warnke in “Quantum Philosophy and Spirituality”)

Spirit governs matter through information. The “basic concept of the field that underlies and shapes all things in the universe” is a “fundamental physical reality, but long ignored in the Western world.” It “can explain the anomalies that puzzle scientists today.” (Laszlo, Holos, p. 103) It is information that makes energy form into something definite, be it frequencies or fields condensed into matter. Consciousness is everywhere in us as well as outside of us being available on call at any point in space. (see, for example, Dr. Ulrich Warnke in the magazine “Elixir”, February 2014)

Methods of energetical, informational and vibrational medical consider that human beings consist not only of a physical-material body, but also of a subtle body, also called “bio field”. According to calculations by the HeartMath Institute in Boulder, Colorado, USA, the limit of the transition from subtle matter to solid matter lies at a vibration of 0.0025 nm wavelength or a frequency of 1.2 THz (varying dependent on the magnetic field).
Meanwhile, there are more and more books, also understandable for non-physicists, that explain how the findings of quantum physics are forcing us to change the previous materialistic world view.

Dr. Hollerbach even speaks of “quantum medicine” as a “medical form that incorporates the latest scientific findings in physics, especially quantum physics and post-quantum physics, as well as the consciousness physics into diagnosis and therapy. It is a new scientific medicine of living, nonlinear systems, including all the adaptive, cybernetic organ functions of the human organism. ”

Quantum physics provides a new theoretical framework
for the understanding of living beings!

In short: macroscopic quantum medicine is the “so far pending scientific justification of complementary medicine, of ‘energy medicine’ or ‘integral or holistic medicine’.” (Volkamer: CO’MED 2/14, p. 89ff)

“Quantum field theory provides us with models for a world view Extended to subtle matter. It describes that the universe is spanned by a subtle, quantized, universal space-time structure (consisting of dark energy and dark matter). This background structure fills the entire space and forms a so-called field body around every matter, every molecule, every protein, every DNA, every organ, every living being, but also every non-living matter. This field body forms the information matrix of life.

Because of this field structure, we need to rethink our idea of ​​how healing works. We need to broaden our worldview with the dimension of subtleness. In concrete terms: Through this extended concept, the question: ‘How do the cells know during embryonic development when and in which organ they should differentiate?’ gets an answer: The impulse arises out of this background matrix, out of this information field the Impulse arises. From the genetic material alone, such a complex development cannot be explained. And if we now ask ourselves how this information is transmitted inside of the body, how it is converted from the subtlety in matter, then we are in the midst of modern water research. Then we recognize water as the substance that can absorb and process the information from space.” (Walter Ohler, ”The View of the Whole – Complementary Medicine and the Healing Power of Water”, Lebens(t)räume 12/17, p. 54ff)

In order to grasp this complexity, what is needed is a “fundamentally new concept of reality” that already has been scientifically proven for a long time and should finally find its way into our reality of life. It provides a “concept of wholeness” that has been requested for a long time from many scientists but, with a few exceptions, is not yet seriously addressed with all the consequences, neither by the political nor by the economical leaders. Laszlo calls it “holos” because it is about a profoundly holistic concept, and it stands for “a new stage in the evolution of both science and civilization.” (Holos, p.7)

Laszlo defines science as an important “part of the perpetual human endeavor to understand the nature of reality.” It is time for the representatives of the various sciences to admit that the previous boundaries must be crossed, “because in all scientific disciplines gray areas and black holes emerge whose observations are characterized by the fact that the generally accepted explanations cannot withstand them.” It is characteristic of a paradigm shift that the puzzles “pile up and defy explanation by well-founded theories,” and “then the situation takes a dramatic turnaround. Scientists find that they cannot solve the situation with the same mindset that has given rise to these problems”, and they need to turn inside out of their thinking patterns. This is certainly very uncomfortable, but also a great opportunity, because then “science makes a leap forward.” Not only Laszlos believes that “the world of the latest scientific developments is ready for the paradigm shift.” (Holos, p.14)

He has been interviewed in the ingenious book “Bleep” (not the movie!):

“At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists like Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Erwin Schrödinger and other discoverers of quantum theory broke away from the stranglehold of materialism. Their message: penetrate deep enough into matter, then it disappears and dissolves into immeasurable energy. If we stick to Galilei and describe it using mathematics, it turns out that the universe is not made of matter at all! The material universe is anything but material and could actually emerge from something even less comprehensible than energy itself, something more reminding of information, intelligence, or consciousness than matter.”