Medicare mente - Healing by mind

All matter vibrates, and all matter forms a specific field. That’s classical physics, not even quantum physics. What is new is that consciousness and spirituality in quantum physics play an increasingly important role. This has been postulated for a long time (at least since Max Planck) and meanwhile has been proven experimentally. The new findings make it imperative to include the body-mind-spirit unit into healing.

This is primary knowledge of our culture, because the word “medicament” comes from “medicare mente”, which is “healing by mind” or “curing by spirit”! The natural science par excellence, namely physics, meanwhile confirms that this is the original approach to healing. And any holistic Approach deals with this spirit or consciousness .

More or less every ancient culture has always been explicitly working with this knowledge. The new insights bring us closer to the ancient knowledge, especially the model of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which primarily works with the energy body. Acupuncture is one of the methods used in TCM – it is part of energy medicine!

The complexity of the system “body” exceeds the scientific means, which are based only on the “hardware”. A holistic regulation must include the numerous interactions in the organism and the different control levels, working in an hierarchical order. The science of complex, non-linear feedback systems is still young. We are far from understanding all the regulatory circuits that run in the body, and certainly do not know their interconnections and overlappings. Intervening at one Point means, that “side effects” can occur in very different places and one might not always recognize the connection immediately. Any reductionist approach can therefore have serious consequences.

The energy medicine approaches are fundamentally systemical!

A human being is seen as a body-mind-spirit unit and not as a machine to be repaired. With this, the  person is perceived again as a whole – a demand that is made louder and louder by the patients. There is hardly any room for the soul in the treatment concept of the currently officially acknowledged methods. However, spirituality is what makes us whole. As long as mind and soul are not taken into account, no real healing can be achieved – so the view of more and more doctors and healers. The literature in this field is constantly growing.

In her book “Mind over Medicine – why thoughts are often stronger than medicine”, Dr. Lissa Rankin clearly demonstrates with words that are particularly compelling from her background as a medical doctor. Trained in traditional medical practice, she Points out the urgency of reinstating consciousness and mind into everything associated with healing. And she is not the only one doing this. In the preface Kris Carr speaks of a “new generation of pioneers and innovators in medicine,” showing the way “back to the source of ancient knowledge,” so that again in a deep, original sense one can speak of healing.

We count ourselves to these pioneers and hope to find further kindred spirits.

Rankin cites Dr. Larry Dossey, who speaks of a “parallel medical universe” that has developed alongside conventional medicine, disposable for patients who want to be treated with respect and seen holistically, including their emotional wellbeing. “We appreciate spirituality, significance, meaning, awareness, compassion, empathy, love (…) And imagine: We seem to win the contest.” Rankin says: “The time is now. Are you ready?”

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