Scientific and economy

For how many complaints, with which patients come to a physician, no conventional medical method can find anything, even after several specialists were visited? The number is high, and it makes clear that there is much that escapes traditional diagnoses. Here energetic methods can fill a big gap. Their successes are remarkable, and it is time to acknowledge them.

Orthodox medicine repeatedly tries to demonstrate its own scientific relevance by constantly emphasizing the lack of scientific evidence of complementary methods, while the numbers of the actual effectiveness of many currently accepted drugs and procedures, as attested by experiments, speak a different language (see under “Statistics”). Some things are even clearly refuted and still practiced. It is not new that many studies are kept under lock because it runs counter to the interests of economy. For many complementary methods, there already exists the required secured experience.

The energetic level is different from the chemical-molecular level.

It deals with fields, and they can be compacted into matter, but they do not have to. Our to us solid appearing Body in reality is a bioenergetic system. There is an energetic correspondence for all matter-elements, which comes about through their natural vibration behavior. That is not a question for physicists’ field thinking. Many appliances already use oscillations for therapy up to the transmission of drug frequencies!
Energy medicine is an important addition to traditional methods because it works on a different level of reality than conventional medicine. This is similar to the different states of aggregation of water, which have completely different properties, but chemically all would always give the same analysis “H2O”.

Diagnosis or treatment with vibrations
is possible with comparatively simple and inexpensive devices.

Largely renunciation of pharmacological interventions in body chemistry with all its dreaded side effects (cortisone problem, allergy development, antibiotic resistance, etc.) is another great advantage. If the possibilities of energetic medicine are used at the beginning of diagnosis and therapy, many expensive and risky interventions can be eliminated.

The vibration level is not covered by chemical laboratory tests
and most imaging techniques.

Vibrations that are released from a physical structure are “out of order” long before changes at the matterial level. One can measure to what extent the disturbed frequency pattern deviates from the healthy pattern.

Although the randomized double-blind study “can do justice to the symptom-oriented measurement of the local effects of the same interventions again and again, it never deals with a medicine that focuses on the holistic cause-effect chain, even the mind-body and soul unit.” (Schwabe, 11/10)

Many ailments are the result of a multifactorial event, and one can understand the meaning behind the symptoms only if he is able to put the individual elements together to form an overall picture. By definition, this cannot be done by specialization, and supplementing with holistic methods is more than usefull.

The orthodox medical world view is to be significantly expanded. There now are dozens of publications on healings that conventional medicine cannot comprehend. It should open up to the new knowledge if it feels obliged to scientific. What still is considered as “miracle cure” can be explained by the new scientific approaches.

As long as one only deals with the 4%
that make up the solid part of our body*,
the essential that could be used for diagnosis and healing is lost.

* (s. site „The New Physics“)

There is need for a new understanding of disease, because the conventional models usually only capture linear relationships.

It is becoming increasingly clear what profound knowledge Asian cultures have for millennia and use it for healing purposes. We begin to understand what is being described there and what their approach is based on: the teaching of the flow of energy!

The physical research has given rise to a new world view.
And this world view has decisive consequences for our ideas of healing and prevention.
It is up to the implementation of it!

Orienting treatment concepts to statistical values for a fictitious average patient cannot be the last word in wisdom. There are alternatives, and they should be used. Anyone who still claims that one cannot explain the effect of vibrational medical methods ignores the research that has been around for long time. For these new possibilities, studies should be developed that examine the efficacy and mechanisms of action.

Why not diagnose and treat at all levels that are available? The complexity of disease occurence is not yet considered, and the energetic methods can make visible many interrelations.

We need a new approach to prevention that makes use of the early detection capabilities of both the electromagnetic and mental fields, incorporating self-healing capabilities of the body and the knowledge into placebo and nocebo effects.

We are believers in technics in our culture, and non-device-based diagnostic methods are unbelievable to many from the first. Apart from the fact that even devices and chemical analyzes can provide false data, it is not seen that our body primarily functions electromagnetically and reacts to vibrations. It has long been known that an allergic person already reacts to an allergen if it is only kept close to his body. Why? Because he perceives the field and the consciousness uses stored responses to it.